Friday, April 30, 2010

Going to Kenya!

looks like its time for another mission trip on the fly lol. my dad's organization has been planning a project in Kenya for several months. the DSEA has never led a major project in Kenya before, so my dad was anticipating a project that was smaller than ones he usually does in other countries. God apparently has bigger plans. the DSEA is already scheduled to speak in assemblies in over 30 schools and that number should go up to 40-50 or maybe more in the upcoming weeks. one of the three staff evangelists won't be able to make it due to a prior engagement, so my dad needed a third evangelist to go with the team. so it looks like i'll be heading to Nairobi, Kenya on May 18th for a couple weeks to share the gospel with several thousand students!!! i knew my dad was planning this trip, but i had absolutely no intentions of going on it.

most of you know that i've been out of work for about two months now. i've been looking for a new job since then, but it seems obvious to me now that God has had it planned the whole time for me to not have a job yet so i could have the opportunity and availability to go on this trip. isn't God amazing?!

the main thing i'm asking for from all of my friends is for prayer. pray that the Holy Spirit will go before us to Nairobi and prepare the way, pray that doors will be opened and that the hearts of the people we will speak to will be good soil, pray for guidance for all of us to know which schools we are supposed to speak to, pray that when we speak it will be God's own words flowing from us and not our own thoughts and wisdom, pray for protection for us against the enemy and all of his forces that are spiritual, mental, and physical, pray that God will move even more greatly than our wildest imaginations and that thousands and tens of thousands will give their lives to Christ as both their LORD and savior. HALLELUJAH!!!

of course the downside to being unemployed the past 2 months is that i don't have enough money to pay for this trip, so i'm stepping out on faith that God will provide what i need and i have no doubt that he will.

background on the David Stockwell Evangelistic Association: the focus of my dad's ministry is on evangelism and evangelism training. on a standard trip, the team will host a weekend training seminar for any local pastor, elder, or lay person that can attend. the seminar covers spiritual warfare, evangelism training, and usually several other aspects of christian life. then, the next couple school weeks are spent traveling around the area presenting the gospel in assemblies to as many schools as possible. however, this is just half the ministry. we equip the indigenous leaders to follow up with the schools after we leave, and to go out into other areas that we weren't able to get to. the DSEA helps support about 100 indigenous evangelists around the world spread the gospel. these people combine to share the gospel with about 2 MILLION people PER YEAR who have NEVER heard the gospel before!!! i choose the term "hear the gospel for the first time" as opposed to "saved" or "gave their life to Christ" because we can't know their hearts and its not up to us to decide who is saved. but i assure you at least 50-75% of the people who hear the gospel presentation make the initial commitment to repent from their sins and to follow Christ. breaking this down financially, the cost is approximately 25 cents per person to hear the gospel for the first time. i've never heard of any organization that could come close to this ratio.

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In Christ,
Steve Stockwell