Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mighty move of God in Malawi!

Moni, mulebwange! Greetings from Blantyre, Malawi. Words can’t adequately describe how God has moved this past week through Youth Education Strategies! I am always humbled and amazed that God has called me to be a part of what He is doing in the world. Our team has been doing double duty this week. We have been sharing the Gospel in schools along with scheduling more schools to speak with for next week when my brother, Sean, and my father, David, arrive here. It is my joy to share with you what God has been doing.

Before I specifically mention any numbers, I want to say a few things. The most important number is one – One God, one Gospel, one way to salvation, one purpose to life (bringing glory to God), one orphan finding the love of his Heavenly Father, one teenager dying of AIDS receiving eternal life through Jesus Christ, one police officer wanting to shut down our ministry opening her heart to the Gospel, one person who turns from their sin and receives salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone as Lord. We can’t determine what is really happening in individual hearts, so we never report “salvations,” but rather report “commitments,” or “professions of faith.” With this in consideration, we do our absolute best before the Lord to accurately account for all ministry done, then round DOWN everything we report.

Since arriving here last week, I have had the privilege to share the Gospel in 13 schools with more than 12,000 people, and over 8,500 of them made the commitment to turn from their sin and trust in Jesus as Lord and savior! Words truly can’t describe what God is doing here in Malawi, and I can’t properly describe how blessed I feel to be a part of it. I would love to quickly share with you two specific things that happened this week.

After arriving to speak at a high school that shared grounds with a middle school, I asked the pastor I was with if we would be speaking at the middle school later. He told me that when he tried to book the middle school the headmaster said, “Our students are too busy to fit in anything extra.” We invited him to hear our talk with the high school. After we finished, he brought us into his office and told us to, “Please come back and share with the middle school students as well.” When I asked him which day would be good for us to come, he said, “Any day is fine. We can rearrange anything so the students can hear this message.” I guess they aren’t too busy after all! Now, we are scheduled to speak with the 3,000 students at his school next week. God is so good. I love it when He turns things right around right in front of our eyes!

Yesterday, we were at the last school we would be speaking with for the week; we were originally scheduled to be here earlier, but the school asked us to come late instead. While sharing the Gospel with this high school, I began to notice some of the kids who were playing on the street nearby had begun to sit down and listen along with the students. It was at this moment I had the thought, “If we would have come to speak at this school any other time, these kids wouldn’t be here to hear the Good News.” When it came time for the invitation, almost all of these twenty kids raised their hand to say that they were committing to follow Jesus for the rest of their lives. These twenty kids on the street might seem insignificant compared to the 12,000 others I spoke with this week, but God loves each and every one of them every bit as much as He loves you or I. And He arranged our schedule for the entire week in order that we would share with them. This moment reminded me that God is in control of every little detail of our lives, and that we should find comfort in putting our trust in Him.

See the kids to my right?
Later today, my father and brother are beginning their trip to Malawi, and it looks like we are set up for another great week of ministry next week. We would greatly appreciate prayer for our team and the people we will be sharing Jesus with in schools here in Malawi. Thank you!

~Steven Stockwell

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leaving for Malawi in one week!

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus.  It is time once again for Youth Education Strategies to begin a mission project in Africa!  YES is going to be traveling to share the Gospel in Blantyre, Malawi from May 15 through June 6.  My heart becomes exceedingly happy when I am preparing to travel to Africa – even more so when I am going to a new area. This will be the seventh country in Africa where I have been blessed to minister.  Our Malawian team leader, Pastor Alex, has scheduled our team to share the Good News in thirty-five schools with several thousand students and staff.  I am very excited to see how God will move in Malawi!

On this mission, I will be working along with my father, Evangelist David Stockwell, and my brother, Sean Stockwell.  My dad has been ministering in Malawi since 2001, and has helped train and establish a team of evangelists there who preach the Gospel and disciple those who receive Christ on an on-going basis.  I am always happy to work with my father, and I am especially excited to work with my brother, as this will be the first time we have had the opportunity to go on mission together.

Our recent project in Belize was definitely successful.  God worked in mighty ways, and many lives have been permanently impacted.  Our team was able to share the Gospel in ten schools and four churches with more than 3,000 people.  Many of these individuals made the commitment to turn from their sin and follow Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Our team was also able to distribute 2,000 tracts and over 400 New Testaments.

Please keep our team and the people of Malawi in your prayers.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom, protection, and provision as we minister the Gospel in Blantyre, Malawi.  Many blessings to you in the name of Jesus!

In Christ,
Steven Stockwell
Galatians 2:20

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