Thursday, August 26, 2010

100 Days in Africa

It’s been the most amazing summer ever! There is nothing in the world I would rather have done than spend 14 weeks and 100 days telling people in Kenya and Tanzania the Good News of Jesus Christ.  After all was said and done, I ended up sharing the Gospel in 117 schools, 17 churches, and several days in markets and such. The teams I worked with were also able to distribute about 40,000 Gospel tracts and over 1000 Bibles.  Overall, I was blessed with the opportunity to present the Gospel to over 33,000 people and over 18,000 made first-time commitments to turn from their sin and trust, follow, and give their lives to Christ as LORD and Savior. These numbers are staggering and hard to believe, but I assure you the last number is rounded DOWN in all cases. My father has written a detailed essay about “numbers,” which is posted on his website and which I encourage everyone to read, entitled “Overwhelming Response To The Gospel:”

While in Africa, I was in urban areas along with completely undeveloped rural or bush areas. I was in areas that were majority Christian, majority tribal, and even several areas that were completely dominated by another religion that I’m not going to mention by name. I went to some areas where people warmly welcomed the Gospel and begged me to stay and speak to the students for hours, and we went to some areas where we faced heavy opposition to the Gospel. I even had the privilege of being arrested for preaching the Gospel for the first time! Anyway, I could write for hours about all that I’ve seen and done during this trip. If you want details about specific events during the trip, ask me in person or go back and read one of the many previously written notes.

I’ve met dozens of indigenous evangelists and pastors that our ministry has been able to train, equip, and partner with, who are continuing the work now that we are back at home. And I would love the opportunity to return and preach the Gospel to even more people; if God has it in His will for me to do so.

Friends, thanks again so much for all the prayers and support throughout this whirlwind unexpected spectacular summer!

Please join us in prayer for the continued discipleship of the thousands who committed to follow Jesus, for provision in the lives of the local evangelists and pastors, and for God to provide the approximately $5,000 still needed to cover my expenses for this mission.

In Christ,
Steven Stockwell
Galatians 2:20

PS:  For more information and photos from our missions in Kenya and Tanzania, visit

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